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Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond The Complete Recordings (3 CD) Формат: 3 Audio CD (Подарочное оформление) Дистрибьютор: EMI Records Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 1993 г Сборник инфо 4591a.

A three-CD box set that enshrines Barrett's complete recorded legacy as a solo artist Besides including his two 1970 albums, this collection includes the 1989 compilation of unreleased material, Opel The chiаыэгнef attraction of this set for Barrett fans is no less than 19 previously unreleased alternate takes from throughout his quite brief solo career All of those alternate takes, it's important to note, are alternate versions of songs that appear on the three previously aбкпъыvailable albums; no entirely unheard compositions were unearthed Nonetheless, these alternate takes are more interesting listening than you might expect, for a couple of reasons First, Barrett was so mercurial (and occasionally unfocused) in the studio that it was difficult to get him to play a song the same way twice Second, the alternate takes are usually starker and more acoustic in nature than the official versions; they're not better, but have interesting different slants Wбрюпэith some of the songs repeated two, three, or even four times, this is definitely for the hardcore fan But it's a beautifully produced document, with a meticulously detailed booklet, of a uniquely primitive visionary, and has many moments of charming and chilling power It includes everything salvageable that he produced, with the exception of the Peel Sessions It doesn't match his work with the original Pink Floyd, but the music continues to influence and be emulated (most notably by Robyn Hitchcock), though never equaled - Richie Unterberger Подарочное издание упаковано в картонную коробку размером см х см К изданию прилагается красочный 24-страничный буклет с фотографиями и дополнительной информацией на английском языке Содержание CD1: Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond The Complete Recordings The Madcap Laughs 1 Terrapin 2 No Good Trying 3 Love You 4 No Man's Land 5 Dark Globe 6 Here I Go 7 Octopus 8 Golden Hair 9 Long Gone бткык10 She Took A Long Cold Look At Me 11 Feel 12 If It's in You 13 Late Night 14 Octopus (Takes 1 & 2) (Bonus Track) 15 It's No Good Trying (Take 5) (Bonus Track) 16 Love You (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 17 Love You (Take 3) (Bonus Track) 18 She Took A Long Cold Look At Me (Take 4) (Bonus Track) 19 Golden Hair (Take 5) (Bonus Track) CD2: Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond The Complete Recordings Barrett 1 Baby Lemonade 2 Love Song 3 Dominoes 4 It Is Obvious 5 Rats 6 Maisie 7 Gigolo Aunt 8 Waving My Arms in the Air 9 I Never Lied to You 10 Wined and Dined 11 Wolfpack 12 Effervescing Elephant 13 Baby Lemonade (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 14 Waving My Arms In The Air (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 15 I Never Lied to You (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 16 Love Song (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 17 Dominoes (Take 1) (Bonus Track) 18 Dominoes (Take 2) (Bonus Track) 19 It Is Obvious (Take 2) (Bonus Trackбтцйы) CD3: Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond The Complete Recordings Opel 1 Opel 2 Clowns and Jugglers (Octopus) 3 Rats 4 Golden Hair 5 Dolly Rocker 6 Word Song 7 Wined and Dined 8 Swan Lee (Silas Lang) 9 Birdie Hop 10 Let's Split 11 Lanky, Pt 1 12 Wouldn't You Miss Me (Dark Globe) 13 Milky Way 14 Golden Hair 15 Gigolo Aunt [Take 9] 16 It Is Obvious [Take Three] 17 It Is Obvious [Take Five] 18 Clowns and Jugglers (Octopus) [Take One] 19 Late Night [Take Two] 20 Effervescing Elephant [Take Two] Исполнитель Сид Барретт Syd Barrett Основатель и первоначальный лидер легендарной группы "Pink Floyd", один из самых загадочных персонажей в истории рок-музыки, поэт, певец и гитарист Сид Барретт (настоящее имя Роджер Кит Барретт) родился 6 января 1946 года в Кембридже Первый музыкальный .